To register a Birth

The birth of individuals whom are granted Portuguese nationality, must be registered in the Consulate of the corresponding area.

Birth registration is done by an inscription before a parents’ declaration (who must have a registry in the consular services), or by transcription based on a birth certificate issued by the local authorities of the country where the birth took place.

Birth registration may be done by anyone duly identified, legally representing the concerned person, or proxy capacity.

If the individual is more than 14 years old, the registration can only be done through the organization of the authorization process for late birth registration.

IMPORTANT: in case of birth registration by inscription the presence of the parents or the legally capable declarant is obligatory.

Requested documents:

Identity card/Birth certificate of the legal declarants, issued, maximum, in the last 6 months.

Birth Certificate of the child, in case of registration by transcription.

NOTE: For birth registration declarations in the Consulate, it is advisable to schedule in advance. You can make it through a phone call.

The presence of the individual who is going to be registered (baby) is not obligatory.


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