If “time is money” you are immediatly saving money by opening a company in Portugal. 

Due to the On the Spot Companies innovative system the incorporation of a new company takes on average only 46 minutes. Far less then the average time required in the OECD countries.

The procedures to set up a company, in Portugal, are not only fast, but also getting less and less expensive.

 The cost of set up procedures have been reduced to a quarter of the previous level.

Cut red tape (reduction of bureaucracy) as been a great concern in our country. Portugal was committed to a program that  reduced red tape in 25% by 2012. Considerable work has already been achieved to ease the burden of bureaucracy for companies and citizens. We are happy to refer that we are an award winning country in red tape cutting and IMF has recognized the usefulness of Simplex program in this effort. Portugal occupies the first place in the ranking of availability and sophistication of public services online in Europe, according to the European Commission.

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To build an even friendly economic environment, we have developed the PIN system to expedite the approval of investment projects that have received the “national interest” status.

At aicep Portugal Global Group, we have developed tools to ease the search for a location for your business. With Global Find you can easily find a lot in a developed park to build up your plant or lease a warehouse and then compare different possibilities. A tool that will help you find the best spot in the country.

And of course, if you are considering Portugal to do business, let us know about it. aicep Portugal Global – Trade & Investment Agency is your reliable partner and your “one stop-shop”, publicly owned Agency, that helps you go forward with your business. Whether you’re planning to invest or buy Portuguese products and services we will be glad to help. Let us know how

Key facts:

Ø       It takes just 46 minutes to set up a company

Ø       Doing business in Portugal is easy and increasingly less expensive

Ø       PIN system expedites national interest projects

Ø       aicep Portugal Global is your reliable partner and your one “stop-shop” Agency