Co-organised by the Delegation of the European Union to Japan, EU Member States embassies and cultural institutes in Japan, and the Italian Institute of Culture, EUFilm Days brings the best of European cinema to audiences in Japan. This unique festival is held as part of EU-Japan Friendship Week, during which a wide range of activities and events are held across Japancelebrating relations between Japanand Europe.

For the eleventh edition of EU Film Days, films from 21 EU Member States as well as from Croatia which is due to join the EU on 1 July, will be shown at the Italian Institute of Culture in Tokyo (two to three screenings per day) from Friday 31 to 26 June (see schedule for details). Each film will be screened twice during the period of the festival. Additionally this year, films from 9 EU Member States will also be screened in Takamatsu, Kanazawa, Okayama, and Saga.

This year’s selection of films, many of which are being shown for the first time in Japan, have been chosen in order to exhibit the wide range of film-making talent in the soon to be 28-Member State European Union as well as the cultural diversity that the EU maintains. We hope that many of you will enjoy this opportunity to experience the distinction and diversity of European film-making.

The Portuguese film “Amália the Movie”, directed by Carlos Coelho da Silva in 2008, will be shown on 11thJune (19:00) and on 16th June (14:00) with English and Japanese subtitles. The film is about the life of Amália Rodrigues, the Queen of Fado. This will be the first time for the film to be shown in Japan and it will itinerate to Okayamaand Saga, after Tokyo.

Tokyo:  11th June (Tue) 19:00 ~  /  16th June (Sun) 14:00~

Okayama Prefectural Museum: 29thJune (Sat) 14:00~

Saga S-Platz Hall: 5th July (Fri) 19:30~

More information (in Japanese) :


EUフィルムデーズは、欧州連合(EU)加盟国大使館・文化機関が選定、提供する各国の作品を一堂に上映するユ ニークな映画祭です。上映される作品は、ヨーロッパの映画製作者の幅広い才能を披露するとともに、EUが重視する文化的多様性をさまざまな表現で映し出し ており、まさに多様な魅力に富んだものとなっております。
11回目を迎える今年は、531日から626日まで(休映日あり)、イタリア文化会館(東京・千代田区)を会場に、EU加盟27カ国中21カ国と、7 1日加盟予定のクロアチアの計22カ国の選りすぐりの作品を紹介します。上映は1作品につき2回、各日23回行います。また、9カ国の作品が、高松、 金沢、岡山、佐賀の各地にも巡回します。
ポルトガルからは、日本未公開作「アマリア」(カルロス・コエーリョ・ダ・シルヴァ監督 2008年)が出品されます。ファドの女王として知られるアマリア・ロドリゲスの波乱万丈の人生を綴った作品です。挿入歌はすべてアマリア本人の歌声を使用しています。英日2ヶ国語の字幕つきです。
東京: 611日(火)19:00 ・616日(日)14:00
岡山: 629日(土)14:00
佐賀: 75日(金)19:30