• Panel of the arrival of the Portuguese in Japan. This was painted between the Momoyama and Edo periods.
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Quality of life

qualidade de vida

  Quality of life Portugal, one of the world’s most ancient nations, is experiencing extensive and dynamic changes. From the fifteenth to the seventeenth century, Portuguese discoveries were responsible for important advances in technology, nautical sciences, cartography, astronomy and ship building. Five centuries later, Portugal is writing new pages of its history. Our country is …

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Costs If “time is money” you are immediatly saving money by opening a company in Portugal.  Due to the On the Spot Companies innovative system the incorporation of a new company takes on average only 46 minutes. Far less then the average time required in the OECD countries. The procedures to set up a company, …

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Business Environment


Business Environment Portugal is a founding member of the European Union and the euro zone. Having joined the EU in 1986, the country went through a period of strong reforms and investments, mainly in infrastructures, that contributed to a rapid acceleration in Gross Domestic Product. The structure of Portuguese economy is based on the services …

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Porto Covo

Infrastructures Our country is very well known for being among those with some of the most advanced communication systems. When it comes to making businesses move, we have what it takes. By air, sea or land we have the speed you need to make your products flow worldwide. Portugal has 3 international airports in the mainland …

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People Between 1976 and 2001, the number of students enrolled in Portuguese universities grew faster than in any other European Union country, increasing by an annual average of almost 6% compared no nearly 3% for the pre-enlargement EU (of 15 countries).   Portugal has Public policies and incentives that encourage coimpanies who hire PhD graduates. Over …

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Location Portugal has a unique and strategic location. Portuguese market is far larger than it may initially appear. It has 10.6 million people in the mainland and in Madeira and Azores islands, but it is also a gateway to a market of about 250 million people in the Portuguese speaking countries. And furthermore, there are 4 …

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No âmbito da estreia do filme “TABU” de Miguel Gomes em Tóquio em Julho, no Theater Image Forum, será realizado, com a colaboração da Embaixada de Portugal, “FESTIVAL DE CINEMA PORTUGUÊS 2013” na Eurospace (Shibuya) entre 13 e 19 de Julho. No festival, será apresentado, pela primeira vez no Japão, o primeiro longa-metragem do realizador …

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Filme "AMÁLIA", Amanhã às 19h00 no "EU Film Days 2013"

. O filme português AMÁLIA, de Carlos Coelho da Silva (2008), será apresentado no EU Film Days 2013, no dia 11 de Junho (19h00) e em 16 de Junho (14h00), com legendas em inglês e japonês. Será a primeira exibição do filme no Japão, sendo ainda exibido em Okayama (29 Junho, 14h00) e em Saga …

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Duo Musical Marionette Recebem Prémio Pela Sua Obra de Divulgação da Música e Cultura Portuguesa

O duo japonês MARIONETTE, composto pelos guitarristas Takashi Yuasa (guitarra portuguesa) and Goshi Yoshida (bandolim), vai receber no dia 26 de Junho, em Iwani Ginzan (Shimane) um prémio atribuido pela Fundação Iwani Ginzan, pela obra de divulgação da música portuguesa no Japão. Iwani Ginzan está profundamente ligado à história portuguesa no Japão devido às suas minas de …

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